Plastic & Timber Construction Kits

We stock a variety of plastic construction kits of aircraft, ships, cars, lorries, motor cycles, military vehicles and figures etc from the following ranges




In addition, we also keep a small selection of WOODEN BOAT KITS from


Occasionally we do have in stock second hand un-built kits available – please ask for details


A selection of METAL CAR KITS are also stocked from



A wide selection of enamel paints, air brushes etc are also kept in stock from the ranges of


FOR THE YOUNGER MODELLER, some of the kits in the ranges from Airfix and Revell are snap-together kits suitable for the ages 6+ and come complete with all transfers not requiring painting.  Other  Kit Packs are also available complete with paint and glues.

We also stock  with sets and packs available for those in the age range 4 to 88 and prices from a few pounds upwards.

Second-hand original  is also occasionally available.


If the particular item you require is not available, we will endeavour to obtain your requirements, subject to availability from our suppliers


In addition, we do stock card and plastic construction kits suitable for model railway use – please refer to the model railway pages.


Please contact us with specific queries

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